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FUP Pop Game - Chases: Base Set Unlimited MASTER SET! Base Set Pack OR Neo Dis. Umby, Moonbreon, Eevee Poncho & More!

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Fup Pop is a game that has various and random prizes and items in our shop. 

Chases may be changed or be replaced at any time.

You can pull a single random booster pack or big chase prizes! The last pop it lands on is what you get! So you can end up paying $9.99 for a pack of Battle Styles or $9.99 on a high valued chase item listed below!

Current chase prizes:

  • A Near Mint/Mint COMPLETE MASTER SET of BASE SET UNLIMITED! Including holo Zard, Blasty and Venusaur +more! 
  • Charizard Base Set Booster Pack! (Rip or Sealed) OR 1st edition Umbreon holo from Neo Discovery! 
  • Umbreon VMAX Alt art from Evolving Skies!
  • PSA Eevee Legendary Reverse holo Firework SLAB!
  • Eevee wearing Poncho - Umbreon!
  • Just ADDED BGS 10 JPN Pikachu Promo Slab!

NEW Bonus FEATURE! PLEASE CLICK HERE if you would like the add on feature for a chance to win a base set booster pack!

If you did not purchase the add on and it lands on "Bonus", we will redo that pop and you will NOT go into the bonus round. 

If you purchased pops and someone gets the chase before your break is up we will add another chase card to the pop. If you would like to know details regarding hit rates please ask us. Pop chases are constantly changing which therefore changes the hit rates since the pop hit rates are generated based on value of chase/chases. The higher valued the item the less chances.

Just a run down, ALL basic booster packs have a 100% chance hit rate, meaning all packs have equal odds of hitting. Any "mid-tier items" such as slightly older booster packs, tins, ETBS etc  have a hit rate anywhere between 40-90% based on value of said items. A more "premium item" such as high valued etb example Team Up ETB or better may have a 10-20% hit rate. "Chase" items or "ultra-premium items" can range anywhere from 1-9% based on value. This is just an example to help give you a better idea of how the Fup Pop and Waifu Pop games work. 

If you have anymore questions or would like more details please don't hesitate to ask us.