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Fup Pop Bonus! Optional Add on - Base Set Booster Pack & more - Please Read Details

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Optional Bonus Add-On for Fup Pop - Not actual Fup Pop!  PLEASE READ 

You MUST purchase this item WITH Fup Pop. This is just an optional add on bonus feature to spin a wheel for the base set booster pack. Wheel will be spun ONLY if you landed on Bonus in Fup Pop game.


  • Mini = 3 Random Packs
  • Minor = Build & Battle
  • Mega = Exclusive ETB
  • Grand =Blastoise Base Set Booster Pack!

$5.00 per order no limit. If you purchase 10 Fup Pops in one single order the bonus feature will be active for the 10 pops you purchased. If you purchase another 10 pops in a separate order you will need to add the bonus feature again. Add on is active for that order no matter how many Fup Pops are purchased. 

Bonus feature is an extra item on Fup Pop that you can add to your order for $5 for a chance to get in a bonus round. If the last pop says BONUS we will spin a wheel that says Mini, Minor, Mega or Grand. 100 spots on the wheel. Only 1 Grand spot, 2 or more Mega spots, multiple Minor spots and many Mini spots. Each tier has different prizes and chases.  May be subject to change at any time.