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Waifu Pop Game! - Chases: Noel SP Gen 3, Zara SP, Yukki SP & Sinon SP!

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Waifu Pop aka Booba Pop is a game that has various and random prizes and items in our shop. 

Chases change often without notice. Please ask us in chat.

You can pull a single random booster pack from various sets such as; Weiss Schwarz, Wixoss, VanGuard and more or big chase prizes!

Current chase prizes:

  •  Noel SP from Gen 3 TD!

  • Zara SP from Azur Lane!

  • Strongest Sniper Sinon SP 

  • "Mother's Rosario" Yuuki SP  - SAO 10th OR  

  •  #Mel SP

    Other prizes will include basic booster packs from any recent sets from Weiss Schwarz, VanGuard, Wixoss and more.

    Prizes can change without notice.


    If you purchased pops and someone gets the chase before your break is up we will add another chase card to the pop.

    You are at least guaranteed a booster pack but have the chance to get any of the current chases. 

    CLICK HERE if you would like to purchase Bonus Feature optional  Add-on! 

    If you DO NOT purchase Waifu Pop Bonus you will not get the bonus and we will reroll your pop!